Lumberjack Breakfast Sandwich

Honey ham, cage-free eggs & sharp cheddar cheese on an english muffin. 


Cuban Melt

Smoked ham, white cheddar, dill pickles, dijon mustard & roasted garlic aioli on a ciabatta roll.


Smoky Chicken Bacon Melt

Roasted chicken, white cheddar, nitrate-free bacon, caramelized onions & smoked aioli on a ciabatta roll.


Hot Dogs

Condiments - Sauerkraut, Ketchup, Yellow and Brown Mustard, Relish, Jalapenos, Ranch, Cream Cheese $1

Lil Doggy

⅒lb Cloverdale naturally hickory smoked frank. Made from select cuts of finely ground pork and beef.


All Beef Frank

⅛lb Nathan's Skinless All Beef Frank.



¼lb Zenner's Bratwurst. Made from 100% premium pork shoulder Gluten-Free, MSG-Free.


Blazing Bageldogs Everything

¼lb Hot Dog wrapped in Everything Blazing Bagel.



Beyond Breakfast Burrito - vegetarian

Non-GMO tortilla with cage-free eggs, potatoes, Beyond Beef's feisty vegan crumbles, white cheddar cheese, roasted garlic aioli & cilantro.


El Compadre Wrap - vegan

Chipotle field roast, roasted corn, black beans, cilantro, bell peppers & eggless chipotle mayo in a non-GMO flour tortilla.



Soft Pretzel


Genoa & Fontina Snack Pack

100% vegetarian fed pork, no antibiotics ever. 13g protein, 2oz


Smoked Salmon and Cheese Snack Pack by Crimson Cove Poulsbo

3oz Smoked Salmon, 3oz Smoked Sharp Cheddar Cheese with Mini Croccantini Artisan Crackers


Smoked Cheese Snack Pack by Crimson Cove Poulsbo

Smoked Gouda, Cheddar, Pepper Jack Cheese with Mini Croccantini Artisan Crackers